Design with Natural and Artificial Intelligence

I’m an UX and Product Designer collaborating with companies, start-ups and brands to create powerful and innovative digital products.

I’ve been a tech enthusiast for as long as I can remember, reading science-fiction novels, writing and drawing about futuristic cities. I’m fascinated about technology's potential to solve problems. Think and design a digital experience gives me this “Sherlock Holmes moment”, where connecting the dots is suddenly revealing a bigger picture.

I started my career in creative agencies, bringing to life big ideas and concepts, working in a fast-paced environment, producing in a team synergy, crafting pixel-perfect products.

My entrepreneurship spirit led me to the freelancing world, collaborating with several companies whose works I respect and admire, committed to be the driving force of their user experience ambition.

I dedicate my design skills to delicately craft interfaces that will improve the bond between awesome technologies and daily life, ambitioning a place where Design can achieve greater goods.

Passionate about robotics, internet of things, identity and data, future of transportation and energy, smart city and grid, artificial intelligence.

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